At the First Tee of Greater Austin we want to “keep the ball rolling” COVID-19 has had a tremendous effect on our world and we are all saddened by the loss of life and the strain it has put on individuals, families, and kids in particular; missing time with their friends, sports, band, clubs, school functions, etc.

Like everyone’s favorite golfer Arnold Palmer we will all be charging back… Needless to say, the impact on First Tee has been tough but there is a very simple and fun way you can help… by playing golf! We are asking EVERY golfer in Central Texas to come out and play Harvey Penick Golf Campus between Monday, April 13 and the end of the year!

100% of the proceeds stay at First Tee of Greater Austin—Please help Get Austin Kids Back on Course!

If you can not make it out to play, please consider making a donation.

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