The Foundation Tour was established to provide on-course learning and to introduce elementary and middle school students to competitive golf. We will have three divisions:
Elementary (grades 1-4), Middle School (grades 5-8) and Eagle/Ace participants & HS students.

Each division will play once a month at Harvey Penick Golf Campus.


  • Monday, October 11th  | Tee Times: TBD (no earlier than 12pm)
  • Saturday, November 6th | Tee Times: TBD (no earlier than 12pm)
  • Saturday, December 4th | Tee Times: TBD (no earlier than 12pm) – Final event—competitors receive a tour prize based on points*



Players can play in one or all events. The Foundation Tour is open to all boys and girls residing in the Greater Austin area who are currently enrolled in grades 1-12. Each division is an “open field” with no gender distinctions. Registration for each event will close two days prior to a given event.


Each event is $15 or $35 for all 3 events.


Points will be awarded in each division for each event as follows:

 Place 1st  2nd  3rd  4th 5th 6th  7th+
 Points  10 points  7 points  6 points  5 points  4 points 3 points 2 points


At each event, trophies will be awarded for 1st – 3rd place in each division. At the final event, all players will receive a Tour prize based on the point standings. Players must be present at the final to receive their Tour prize.


  • Elementary Division will play: the orange tees (modified) which are 150 – 200 yards and in
  • Middle School Division will play: the white tees (boys), the green tee (girls)
  • Eagle/Ace Division will play a combination of tees


All members of the Foundation Tour will carry (or push) their own bag. Each group will be assigned a caddy to help them with etiquette, rules, and pace of play. If you or someone you know would like to help caddy please call Derrick Elstob at or 512-732-0380 x 204. (Please note: Parents/Relatives are not allowed to caddy in their child’s group).


No individual caddies are allowed. Spectators may view play from no closer than 30 yards; talking or advising players during play is forbidden. A player will be assessed a 2 stroke penalty for each violation of the rule, with a maximum penalty of 4 strokes and disqualification after 4 strokes. Spectator carts can be rented.


A player is expected to dress properly at all times. Please no cut-offs, running shorts, sleeveless or muscle shirts permitted.


Displays of temper, foul language or any disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. Players will be expected to conduct themselves as young ladies and gentlemen.


USGA Rules will govern play except as modified local rules. Local rule sheets will be handed out to each participant at every event.


The player must read his/her score to their fellow competitors and verify the score. Players must sign their scorecard and be certain their scorer also signs their scorecard. After the scorecard is signed the player must hand the scorecard to the official in the scoring area.


Rain alone does not constitute cancellation or even a delay. Players should be prepared to play in all types of weather conditions. An email will be sent from Jonah Hutchins in the case of a cancellation.


Please email Jonah Hutchins at if your son or daughter is unable to make an event. No refunds are allowed but a credit can be made to your account.